17 October 2012

WW: Orange Dress

This here dress be one of my favourite things to wear at the moment. It's easy, comfy and (I think) stylish, and yet it looks like I've made an effort!

If you've read a few more of my Wardrobe Wednesday posts, or indeed my comments on some of your own outfits (or if you actually know me in real life!), you may know that red just happens to be my very favourite colour. I saw this dress in the shop and decided to branch out into a red/orange mix. Very daring, I thought. I love the way it has a big gather of material on one side of the front - it swings when I walk! Fabulous.

My favourite way to wear this dress is with leggings and a cardigan, but it's versatile enough that when the weather really heats up I can ditch them too. What would you think of belting the dress, underneath the cardigan? It only just occurred to me as I looked at the photos...

I'm also wearing my favourite shoes. I just love the shape and style. Though, being brown, they are much harder to pair with my clothes as I mostly have black accents.

I got my hair cut yesterday and I'm not sure if I like it yet... Everybody assured me this morning that they liked it, but I think I need some more time to decide. She cut it like one of those trendy bobs - short at the back, long in the front. I absolutely love that look, but I just don't think it works with my hair? Anyway, I'll figure it out!

Outfit breakdown
Dress + leggings: Postie
Cardigan: Millers
Shoes: thrifted ($7)
Earrings: from Talia via Silverlight jewellery
Necklace: gift from my sister from Greece

Also, after taking photos with the red flats I was wearing this morning, I've decided that I should only wear heels. They make my legs and indeed whole self look so much better! Don't know if I'll actually do it, but I should...

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  1. ha ha I am so with you about heels if only my body could manage it and they weren't so difficult to bike in!!! Love a dress that swings when you walk and the colour is great

  2. I love that outfit - so comfy and easy....I wonder if that store delivers to the US.

    1. I know, right? They don't deliver to the US, but I could! Seriously, let me know! I'll go pick one up and post it over. x

  3. My favourite colour too! Today's outfit is brilliant. Thanks for linking up Jess. Love your shoes? Did you get them in NZ?

  4. Hi, loved your outfit and I think your hair looks fabulous.

  5. The shape and color of that dress is so pretty. I like your haircut too!


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