31 October 2012

WW: Words from a friend

What a beautiful, wonderful day it's been today! The sun chased those morning clouds away, Bible study this morning was lovely - as always, and the whole day has been filled with good friends - both the kids and mine!

While my dear friend Renee was here (actually still is here, as I type!), I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking my Wardrobe Wednesday pictures. Aside from feeling a tad silly posing for your friend, it's much easier than using the self-timer!

Renee is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We have been through a lot together, and certainly know enough about to each other to fill a few books! When I sat down to write my WW post today, my words wouldn't come. I need mental space to think what to write and there was just too much going on! Then Renee said, "Let me write it!"

So, without further ado, I present my wonderful friend, Renee:
(She wrote it all before I read it, so it was a surprise to me too!)

"Let me tell you about the most beautiful woman I know,
Meet my beautiful friend Jess.
Jess is classy, you know, someone who always looks good whatever she's wearing - (she might disagree - but I have see her in her Pjs and I can tell you she's gorgeous even when she's scruffy)

She rocked up this morning in her usual bustling style, 3 kiddies in tow and looking good, (how?! I just threw on yesterdays clothes, stuffed my feet into jandals and did my hair in the car)

I love love love this cardi, it gathers in just the right places to hang great - And Jess looks gorgeous in grey. And being the fabric that it is, it wears so easily too.

It's a little hard to spot but this cotton shirt is amazing, I love the little details, pin tucks and pleats and buttons, and that lovely crispness that cotton has that reminds me of childhood and my Oma starching my Sunday blouse. Starching? I'm sure Jess doesn't starch, but it still has the reminiscent crispness to make me go oooh!

I love Jess's hair. It always looks great, and I love that she can wear hair bands! Pink and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations and it's perfect for Jess' colouring, the polka dots are so sweet.
The shoes... Jess has a thing for shoes and these are no exception, cute and comfy flats. So sweet but great for chasing little ones. Jess makes practicality look this good!
Jealous? me?... yes... we'll no, but definitely admiration.
Yeah Jess wears great stuff - we wouldn't be here if she's didn't would we, but it's more than that, so much more.
Jess' beauty is more than skin deep, it's in the way she walks, the way she smiles, the way she talks to her kids, the way she encourages.
Jess always has a kind word to say, a way to look at the positive and lift your spirits.
Jess always has time for everyone, I'm surprised she has any left for herself!
Jess loves her kids deeply and seriously, I mean, she's a proper full-time professional Mum, a that's-my-job kind of Mum, I'll-be-there-no-matter-what kind of Mum, a give-till-it-hurts kind of Mum..
She loves her husband, she loves her family, she loves her friends... She's a people person, and she loves in practical ways, helping, caring, listening, always sensitive to others needs.
And she loves the Lord, Her God, devotedly, adoringly, humbly and passionately with a true desire to know Him more - I admire that so much!
She's smart and creative, enthusiastic and energetic.
And she's my friend, I'm so blessed to know her, She teaches me lot's and I've still got lot's to learn.

True beauty comes from within, its not a look or a style, or a number or an age, it's grace, and that's Jess, a gentle and quite spirit - and oh-so-deliciously wonderful!

I love you Jess! I'm so glad you're in my life!"

(It's Jess again.) Wow. How's that for an amazing friend? Renee, you are too much. My goodness, I am 1000 times blessed to have the most amazing friends!! Wow.

Outfit breakdown
Top: Farmers
Leggings: Postie
Shoes: Overland (many moons ago!)

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  1. Go Renee!!!! She has always had a way with words that one ay Jess :-) And everything she said is SO true! I have to say I totally loved your head band this morning! So cute and so you :)

  2. Ha love that last photo and the words of s friend - so good for your heart. You look great as always the layering is lovely and those shoes - adorable!!

    1. Couldn't get away without at least one goofy expression! And yes, I am very blessed with not just one but multiple friends who are good for my heart. Just privately, I think of them as my heart-sisters - sisters of my heart.

  3. Love your cardigan so much! As you can see on my blog, i´m so into layering!!

  4. Aw. How lovely, everyone needs a friend like Renee! {{{Is she available next Wednesday for my post?}}} Joking of course ahem

  5. Aw, what a beautiful post! Make sure you come back and read it the next time you have a day that you feel frumpy or insecure (coz we all have them don't we?!)
    Love the cardi on you, it drapes so beautifully.

    1. Great thinking! Yes, we certainly do all have those frumpy, flat days - I'm so glad we can all understand each other!

  6. What beautiful words from a beautiful friend
    Those shoes! gosh they are lovely

    1. I wholeheartedly agree.
      And I do like these shoes! Though they're a little prone to slipping on smooth floors, like tiles etc. Don't have any grip left!

  7. I would live in that cardigan and you are truly blessed to have such an amazing friend (as I'm sure she is to have you too!).


  8. What beautiful words about a beautiful friendship! I love your darling ballet flats and the scarf in your curls is lovely!!! ~Sarah


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