14 November 2012

I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeee!

Those were my first thoughts as I headed out of our driveway and onto the road. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeedom! Not from my house or children (or husband!) because I love them dearly, but just so free! Not enclosed or buckled in, space around me, wind in my face.

Because I was on my bike. Yes, my bike!

My bike and I have decided to get reacquainted. Well, my bike didn't have much say in it really. It got rudely extricated from its cosy resting place in our garage, hosed off and carted off to the bike shop for a long overdue service. Poor thing. But it's back and better than ever! (Must do something about those squeaky brakes though... Husband informs me it'll wear out. That's good, right?)

It's been time for a long time to do something about this shape I'm in. Yes, round is a shape. Just not one I want to be. Svelte. Hourglass. Curvaceous. Those are shapes I want to be.

This Christmas will see us as the brand new owners of a bike trailer (to tow two of the kiddies) so that I can begin to integrate cycling for exercise into my week. I'm pretty excited! I'm using the time between now and January (when Rosie starts at Montessori) to get back into the habit of riding.

In fact, I've just come back from the best ride yet! It's my third ride so far, and the longest one - yay! Previously, I'd just been doing a couple of blocks and coming home again. But who am I kidding? God has given me a strong, healthy body! Sure, it's not at a great fitness level right now, but if I don't push it, it never will be! So I rode further today - to Montessori and back.

What made it the best was having music. REALLY LOUD! I probably looked - and sounded! - like an idiot, ha ha! Too bad, it was awesome! Riding down the road, blaring Michael Jackson's Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough in my ears, I think I looked like this:
Nasimiyu on her bicycle in front of the Music Box in the Bywater

But I probably looked like this:

source and source

Yep, I think there were definitely a few chuckles from drivers passing me by as they saw me lip syncing at the top of my voice (is that possible?) and bobbing my head from side to side. There might even have been some rhythmic swerving...

But you know what? I'm excited for tomorrow when I'll do it again!


  1. Good on you! I am just about to get my bike back into action yay! be careful with music on though! Although apparently no one knows how to drive in Chch, you might be fine :P

  2. awesome! I love my bike. I don't use for exercise because it is a lady bike with no gears and a basket but I use it fro transport all the time and I love it so much!

  3. ROFLMAO oh dear I so want a bike but those bottom pictures are exactly the reason why I don't have one yet

    1. Ha ha ha, Cat! Believe it or not, that photo of the two men by their bikes is from their 'Gangnam Styles' ride!


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