23 November 2012

Two things

I have discovered, through trial and error (well, mostly just error) that for the health and safety of my family and myself, there are two things I cannot do without in the mornings.

Item One:
File:Dark roasted espresso blend coffee beans 1.jpg

and Item Two:

Take away Item One - as I discovered this morning, quite noticeably - and I am Grumpy Snappy Mummy. Silly really. Perhaps this morning it was my extra need for a caffeine dose after having a very broken night's sleep.

Take away Item Two and I am again Grumpy Snappy Mummy, but in a more fundamental way. Going to the Source of Life at the start of a day that is always so filled with life is the only way for me to have a good day. These preschool days are so intense that I actually can't do it alone. I know this because I've tried. Can I save you the heartache of days where you shout at your beloved children and just tell you to make time for God in your day?

It seems so simple, doesn't it? Trust me, I know it's not always, but I also know now that NOTHING is more important - for me, for my husband, for my children, for my soul - than making this quiet time happen. It might be that the first and most fervent prayer I offer in the morning is, 'Lord, please help me to get out of bed,' but that's a great start. Recognising that it ain't gonna get done without Him!

My mornings lately have been a bit shoddy and lacking. What do you say we do this together? I'll encourage you and you encourage me. It's worth it. Promise.


  1. I love your posts Jess..
    This one is a bit like me too. For a few weeks I'd been having a lot of off days... and it took me a little while to realise that it was because I had stopped making those few extra minutes every morning to start out with some quiet time with God. It's still not a perfect routine, but a lesson has been learned...

    Your post has reminded me of a poem that my mum had on a bookmark taped by her bed, one thats final line has stuck with me for many years... Thanks to google, I have just found the poem online..

  2. so true, except I don't drink coffee :o)

  3. That looks about right to me, too! I hardly speak to my hubby or darling daughter before my coffee ... And as soon as Baby Girl's nap happens, my devotional happens.


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