03 December 2012

December already?

When did this happen? This year seems to have simultaneously gone ridiculously fast and unbelievably slow.

The case for fast: I have a 4.5 year old, a nearly-3 year old and a 15 month old. WHAT?! Zooming like a rocket.

The case for slow: nearly losing my precious Mum back in April/May was intense (to say the least) and therefore everything before that and our new normal feels like forever ago. Praise the Lord that I can say Mum is doing great now.

Rosie's first haircut - she was a little unsure...

So now it is December. I am really looking forward to everything this month contains, Christmas included. We have only one week left of Hayden being at school, then he's on holiday for 7 weeks!! It really is fabulous being married to a teacher.

Sleepy children in the car       *Finally* posting another letter

Coming up this December we have our 6th wedding anniversary (which means flowers, a thoughtful and romantic gift and a just-us date!), our annual family holiday with my Mum and step-dad, dear family visiting from Perth, more than one family Christmas party and lots of sewing sewing sewing! Lots to look forward to!

Dress-ups and reading at Mainly Music               Feasting at our girls lunch a few weekends ago.

So with that in mind, I must get back to my sewing machine while the children rest. Can't have them seeing their presents yet, can we?

My camera is playing up - not good - so I can't get my recent photos off it, including the putting up the Christmas tree ones, so you'll have to make do with less recent ones from my phone.)

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