28 January 2013

The Arrival of The Travelling Stash Box

Halfway through last year I signed up to take part in the Travelling Stash Box, started by the lovely Cat of Catalina's Cottage.

A pretty cool concept really: Cat filled up a big box from her stash and sent it on to the first person on the list. When it's gets to you, you dig through the treasures, choose whatever you like, and then replace it with a similar amount of treasure from your own stash.

The Stash Box landed at my place while we were away on holiday, so it was a lovely surprise to arrive home to!

It was heaps of fun to sort through. I got the kids occupied, went down to my bedroom - alone - and delved in to my heart's content! Bliss! I do love a good stash.

I've chosen a good-sized handful of exciting new things: some lovely fabric, some cute trim (perfect for clothes I'm intending to make Rosie), some mini-canvases and - nearly the best part - a good start to my button collection!

I have longed to have a button collection of my own, and now I do! Thank you Stash Box friends! (PS: I didn't take ALL of them...)

Now I've re-stashed the Box and I'll wrap it up and send it on it's merry way to the next (very patient!) recipient.

My own stash!

Thanks for starting up such a neat activity Cat!

26 January 2013

New Look

Have I mentioned how I have the most wonderful friends? If I haven't, I should have!

Yesterday I was talking with my dear friend Talia, of Talia Christine, and I asked her a bloggy question. You see, my technical skills when it comes to web design are very, very lacking. She answered my question and then said, 'Actually, I was hoping you'd let me play around with your blog?' Just for the joy of it!!

What?! Talia, Web Designer Extraordinaire, asking to redesign my blog? YES PLEASE!

My Man, babes, Mum & Step-Dad Paul on our holiday before Christmas

So this fresh new, professional look is the brain-child of the ever-talented Talia Christine. I hope you love it as much as I do!

She has even taught me a little bit of HTML coding so that I can format my posts in the best way to show off my thrilling content. ;) I must say, when I was tootling with the HTML of some old posts this morning, I felt pretty awesome.

So, after you've finished admiring the wonderful new view around here, you need to head over to Talia's and enter her giveaway: One FREE Blog Design SpruceUp. When you're there you can check out some of the other designs she has done for other blogs. You are going to want to win this one!

25 January 2013

Big Kindy Girl

Our Rosie turned 3 at the start of the year so, just over two weeks ago, she had her first day at our local Montessori kindy. (That's pre-school, non-NZ-speaking friends.)

Elliot was very proud to have his little sister there, and Rosie has - so far - settled in very well because she has his support.

In my true sentimental style, I wanted to get a photo of Rosie on her first day. Brand new kindy bag on her back, shoes on, ready to go. Underneath the same tree we took Elliot's photo nearly 2 years ago:

Little Missy decided to have a bit of fun with her face. I'm not quite sure which one to print out and display...

I just Could. Not. get her to smile properly! Instead she is making what she calls her 'Hippo Face.' Rosie loves hippos. Not exactly an animal whose noise or face is very easy to replicate for a child though, is it? "Mummy, what noise does a hippo make?", had me stumped for a little bit.

I think I'm going to go with either the top right or bottom right picture. At least they make me giggle!

22 January 2013

Summer Holiday recap

Hello, friends. Remember me?!

I'm back! I know you missed me.

My family and I have been enjoying our summer break. It's been a lovely time of really just hanging out together and doing bits and pieces.

We spent some time with the extended family, some visiting from Perth, Australia. I don't have any photos - how slack! We had a beautiful camping holiday with dear friends - the Salis-gra-maat's (a mash-up of our names) at Lake Rerewhaakaitu. (SE of Rotorua.)

The rest of our holidays have been made up of chilling out, really. Hanging at home, playing with new toys, visiting the favourite playgrounds, swimming in Mum's paddling pool and reading books. It's been, particularly for my Man, a good time of unwinding from what was a very busy 2012.

I'm not really one for making New Year's resolutions - because when I set myself a deadline I somehow subconsciously destroy all my efforts to get it done - but this morning in my journal I wrote what I am aiming for this year: "...I do want this year to be one where I, with God's grace, begin to work on the tasks I've been given - raising our children to know God and running our home - and carrying them out diligently. As it says in Titus 2: '...to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home...' I want to be able to say that, again with God's grace, I am doing the best that I can."

2012 was extremely crazy and busy, but I got lazy. I don't feel I gave my best to anyone. Husband, children, friends, family. Lord willing we have a slightly less crazy year and I will be able to be rid of the mother-, husband-, friend- guilt and say, "I did the best with what I had." Because I sure do have a lot! God has filled my cup with a lot of good things.

Let's be joyful, friends!