25 January 2013

Big Kindy Girl

Our Rosie turned 3 at the start of the year so, just over two weeks ago, she had her first day at our local Montessori kindy. (That's pre-school, non-NZ-speaking friends.)

Elliot was very proud to have his little sister there, and Rosie has - so far - settled in very well because she has his support.

In my true sentimental style, I wanted to get a photo of Rosie on her first day. Brand new kindy bag on her back, shoes on, ready to go. Underneath the same tree we took Elliot's photo nearly 2 years ago:

Little Missy decided to have a bit of fun with her face. I'm not quite sure which one to print out and display...

I just Could. Not. get her to smile properly! Instead she is making what she calls her 'Hippo Face.' Rosie loves hippos. Not exactly an animal whose noise or face is very easy to replicate for a child though, is it? "Mummy, what noise does a hippo make?", had me stumped for a little bit.

I think I'm going to go with either the top right or bottom right picture. At least they make me giggle!


  1. Haha SO CUTE! Way to go, Rosie! You're so brave!

    Those two are my favorite photos too!! I vote bottom right. I love how it shows her personality.

    1. 'Personality' is code for 'crazy side', right? ;)

  2. Eeeheehe! I think I love the top right too! Kind of looks like she's gone scary-maori on it too! Like she's just complete the haka or something!

    So glad she's got the big bro there to show her the ropes! :)

  3. Cute Jess! I like the bottom right and the top right, you can really see her personality...its neat that she is her own person, these photos will be talking points when she's older:) How old is Rosie now? Was Elliot 3 when he went to kindy? Arhh, Jasper's 3 in April...might have to send him to an Aussie institution (we used to do playcentre in NZ and I miss it) and get him toilet trained, not much luck so far...oh, and Im going to *try get George off the boob...so much change child-wise...kids are always changing, so many season's!
    *George is obsessed!

    1. Elliot actually started just before he was three - I was pregnant with Tristan and E had dropped his avo naps - I couldn't cope! Rosie turned 3 at the start of the year. A lot of kindy's are good with toilet training - when E began, he was in the process of learning and they were good at reminding and helping with the trickiness of pulling up undies! Each centre will be different. See if there's any Montessori's nearby, we really like the way they teach the kids.

  4. Rosie is adorable, and those photos are awesome! All of them made me laugh, lol!


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