22 January 2013

Summer Holiday recap

Hello, friends. Remember me?!

I'm back! I know you missed me.

My family and I have been enjoying our summer break. It's been a lovely time of really just hanging out together and doing bits and pieces.

We spent some time with the extended family, some visiting from Perth, Australia. I don't have any photos - how slack! We had a beautiful camping holiday with dear friends - the Salis-gra-maat's (a mash-up of our names) at Lake Rerewhaakaitu. (SE of Rotorua.)

The rest of our holidays have been made up of chilling out, really. Hanging at home, playing with new toys, visiting the favourite playgrounds, swimming in Mum's paddling pool and reading books. It's been, particularly for my Man, a good time of unwinding from what was a very busy 2012.

I'm not really one for making New Year's resolutions - because when I set myself a deadline I somehow subconsciously destroy all my efforts to get it done - but this morning in my journal I wrote what I am aiming for this year: "...I do want this year to be one where I, with God's grace, begin to work on the tasks I've been given - raising our children to know God and running our home - and carrying them out diligently. As it says in Titus 2: '...to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home...' I want to be able to say that, again with God's grace, I am doing the best that I can."

2012 was extremely crazy and busy, but I got lazy. I don't feel I gave my best to anyone. Husband, children, friends, family. Lord willing we have a slightly less crazy year and I will be able to be rid of the mother-, husband-, friend- guilt and say, "I did the best with what I had." Because I sure do have a lot! God has filled my cup with a lot of good things.

Let's be joyful, friends!


  1. Amen ... hearing you on doing the best we can do ... lots of things give us wife/mummy/friend guilt and it's often about repeating to (well, to myself anyway) I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Speaking of doing ... kids are DVD'ing in the heat, so I will set a timer and do some jobs.

    1. I want to email you re: blog stuff but I don't have your email address - could you message it to me? Good luck with your jobs! I like the timer idea.

  2. love these aims, love the new look too xx


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