28 January 2013

The Arrival of The Travelling Stash Box

Halfway through last year I signed up to take part in the Travelling Stash Box, started by the lovely Cat of Catalina's Cottage.

A pretty cool concept really: Cat filled up a big box from her stash and sent it on to the first person on the list. When it's gets to you, you dig through the treasures, choose whatever you like, and then replace it with a similar amount of treasure from your own stash.

The Stash Box landed at my place while we were away on holiday, so it was a lovely surprise to arrive home to!

It was heaps of fun to sort through. I got the kids occupied, went down to my bedroom - alone - and delved in to my heart's content! Bliss! I do love a good stash.

I've chosen a good-sized handful of exciting new things: some lovely fabric, some cute trim (perfect for clothes I'm intending to make Rosie), some mini-canvases and - nearly the best part - a good start to my button collection!

I have longed to have a button collection of my own, and now I do! Thank you Stash Box friends! (PS: I didn't take ALL of them...)

Now I've re-stashed the Box and I'll wrap it up and send it on it's merry way to the next (very patient!) recipient.

My own stash!

Thanks for starting up such a neat activity Cat!


  1. Ohhh its changed dramatically since I saw it! Yay your stash looks full of treasures now!

  2. whoza!!! I was JUST thinking about this the other day wondering what had happened to it! Sheesh some people have been taking their time ;)

    I agree with Amy, its changed so much! Would be cool if we got another crack at it because its so different! :)


  3. Lovely to see the stash box again - great thing to take part in :)

  4. In the 'early days' when the stash arrived on my door step I put it into that silver boot box. How exciting to see that it is still wending its way around the country. Thanks Cat for starting it and enjoy your treasures Jess!


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