21 February 2013

Grumpy Children = Bedtime

Tristan and I enjoyed our morning at Mainly Music today. I've just joined the Team so, while I've been going for what I think must be nearly 3 years now, I'm still getting the hang of how to be a team member and what I need to do without feeling awkward - my default setting.

The big kids finished Montessori at 12pm today. I always know it's going to be a good afternoon when the first thing they say whine is "Mummy, I'm thirsty!" and, "Mummy, take my bag! It's too heavy!" and, "Mummy, I'm putting on my jandals, DON'T LEAVE!" and, "Mummy, I'm NOT tired." This leads Mummy to take a deep breath, put on my cheerful voice and declare, "After lunch we will ALL be having a rest! Yay!" This in turn leads to mixed reactions from the children, mostly of the negative variety.

It's so strange (nb: not at all actually) how even after the most vehement, "But Mummy! I'm NOT tired!" they proceed to lay quietly in their beds, with droopy eyes and sheets pulled up to their chins while I sing to them and pray for a good rest. I bet if I popped my head in to their room in 5 minutes they would both be fast asleep.

Aaaah, just the way Mummy likes it.


  1. Hehe, enjoy your peaceful afternoon! Hope it lasts!

  2. nice - enjoy the down time xxx

  3. Michelle VersluisMarch 12, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    I found you guys again :) (No facebook makes it difficult, but rewarding when you found the hard way!!)
    How are you going?? I must show Shelby your photos when she gets home!! Your kids are looking so good! Elliots hair looks shorter!
    Have a lovely one day.
    I shall save this and read your blog, and shall keep up to date with it
    Love to you all


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