22 February 2013

Jobs galore

Why oh why am I so unmotivated today? I have so much that needs to be done and yet the desire to do them is severely lacking. Maybe if I blitz some jobs for half an hour then it will be lunch time and nap time - for me too today! Growing a baby is hard work - and I'll feel better all round.

What do you do when there's lots to be done but not enough energy?


  1. SO GOOD to hear a Mama of three can still squeeze in a nap somewhere (and its okay to do so)

    Rest up and take care, Beautiful!

    Oh, and heard you're staying with Miriam! YUSS! Have you met before (have you met any other bloggers IRL??) - if not, you'll LOVE her! Promise! x

  2. Hi! Just catching up with all your last lovely posts.. New blog layout looks awesome!

    Um yeh - in answer to the question - I have no answer!It gets completely crazy pants around here and I can't stand that sandy-eyed feeling when there are still 4 hours till dinner... Oh man it can be hard!! Energy is sometimes/often at a premium around here, and I can imagine for you in this heat and when pregnant!

    Good luck with that!

  3. I tend to have a wee lie down - I believe in sleeping xxx

  4. Mostly? Stare vacantly at the internet.

    When I'm with it?

    1. Ask myself "Did I take my drugs yesterday?"
    2. Post all my accomplishments of the day on a "What did you accomplish today?" thread on a parenting forum I frequent - it's amazing how motivating it is to make the list longer. I think "Ooh, if I just empty the dishwasher I can write that down." And it's better than a to-do list, because looking at a half-finished to-do list is depressing.
    3. Do 10-minute bursts, with a timer. Cleaning for 10 minutes, cooking for 10 minutes, 10 minutes of boring grownup stuff (paying bills, sending invoices and emails, that sort of thing), sewing for 10 minutes. It works well as long as the kids are being good... and if I happen to get engrossed in something and keep doing it beyond the 10-minute mark, well, so much the better.
    4. Sit down with Rowan on the couch and read stories, because it's the least energetic way I can still feel like a Good Mummy.

  5. Lovely post + pictures! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx



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