13 February 2013

A Moment of Peace

Yesterday I found the perfect remedy for the feelings of being overwhelmed and under-prepared that have been floating around my brain lately. I put those down to hormones and lack of sleep - self-inflicted, silly me. My wonderful remedy was to grab a chair, put it in the shade on the lawn outside and watch my beauties playing. The peace of sitting still, seeing the kids pottering about and particularly the vastness of the beautiful blue sky above me were just the mood alteration that I needed.

(Rosie is developing her crazy photo faces nicely...)

Sure, my house still looked like this:

But that's been today's job, so I'm making progress. It was nice to sit beside my (poor, under-watered, but rewarding me so well with a lovely bounty) tomatoes and just chill for a little while. Long enough to be refreshed, short enough to not cut into dinner-making time.

Tonight I'm going to roast some of my delicious tomatoes and use them in our pasta sauce. It makes an otherwise normal meal taste AMAZING.

Right now? I'm going to seek out that poo-y smell emanating from somewhere that my pregnancy-induced super-sensitive nose is detecting... You just never know what you're going to get in my line of work.


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