19 March 2013

Photos, Then and Now

I've just been clearing some space on our hard drive by going through my folders (and folders and folders) of photos, deleting the blurry ones and ones that aren't good enough to use (or even bother with!).

I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination call myself a good photographer, but I am thankful that I've picked up a few tips over the years! Going through my 'Elliot 0-1 month' album was atrocious. It doesn't help that we had a ridiculously useless camera, but these photos are all blurry, wrongly timed, badly composed, and badly lit. Usually I am in my pyjamas (that's okay, it was a tough few months!) and you can always see some sort of household detritus in the background - left over lunch, the washing pile, a random novel, or an ugly curtain being my attempt at better light. Oh dear. Want to see? You'll laugh, I promise. (Even if that laughter comes from a place of cringing shame, like mine does.)

Oh dear. It's a bit disappointing really. I was actually going to spend a bit of time putting photos together of all three kids at the same age, but I have hardly any good, clear shots of Elliot, poor child.

Let's compare those photos of Elliot with these photos just over 3 years later, of Tristan:

Still not a professional, but much nicer to look at! I use a camera that pretty much only has automatic settings and no manual zoom (that's on my wishlist!), but if I get the lighting and subject right, it takes some decent photos. Over the years I've picked up some photography tips from all over the place, mostly the internet. Reading blogs and seeing how other people compose their photographs, understanding that natural light is best, trying to keep the background clear or clean and trying to catch a candid moment that produces a much more natural shot.

I know I still have a long way to go and there will always be more to learn, but I am thankful for what I've learned so far. I'm looking forward to meeting our 4th Photography Subject in 20ish weeks. I can see the beautiful bundle of babes together through my lens already!


  1. Heeheeee! SUCH A difference!

    Love the photo of elliot with the chips, pot and tomato sauce in the lounge ;)


    1. Don't forget the washing in the washing basket behind that! (At least it was clean...)

  2. ha ha I love those hot chips in the background - mine are the same. Blogging has been good for mine too :o)


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