12 March 2013


* I need to stop eating sugar. More and more I am realising just how much of it I gobble down, and more and more I am realising that it actually makes me feel not good. I want to have a healthy body, fuelled by nourishing things, not empty sugar. Wish me luck!

* I have been wearing pants a few sizes too big - a nice discovery! My shorts had been getting tighter and at first I thought that I was putting on weight - stink! Then I remembered that I'm pregnant. Duh. Of course your pants are getting tight, Jess! At 18.5 weeks pregnant my 'normal' shorts are nearly ready to be put aside for the next few months.

* I'm really tired. Par for the course. Growing a baby is tiring work! It doesn't help that I'm not sleeping well either. I've broken my bad habit of going to bed late (after 11pm, gasp!), but now I can't sleep the whole night through! I either wake up for a toilet stop then can't get back to sleep, or do get back to sleep but wake up before 5am and don't go back to sleep. Yikes! Any tips? Is it just my body getting used to a different sleep rhythm again?

* I now have a nifty little diary in my handbag. After a terrible morning last week where I forgot Elliot had Dress-up Day at Montessori (he was disappointed; I cried), I vowed to combat my intense forgetfulness. With my wee diary now I can open it up and see my whole week at a glance so that I can be prepared for what's coming up. It's not 100% foolproof - as exhibited yesterday when, for our BBQ with friends, I grabbed the salad out the fridge and forgot the sausages. I'm so awesome.

* It's so cool seeing the kids growing and learning. We are loving seeing Elliot's head for numbers become really apparent. (Excuse me while I have a Proud Mummy Moment.)
Here's a conversation from a couple of weeks ago:
E: That truck has 14 wheels!
Me: (counts them) You're right! How did you figure that out Elliot?
E: I counted 7 wheels on this side and 7 plus 7 is 14.
Me: (Gob-smacked silence)

* Feijoa juice is the shizz. Tristan agrees.

* I'm really looking forward to my weekend next month(!!) at the Bloggers Connecting Conference in Christchurch. I'm a bit shy with new people, but I know it will be so great to see all the wonderful ladies (Are there any men coming? I don't think so...) I've 'met' through this wee space. I know I shouldn't be shy - when you've read someone's blog it's like you're friends already! Is anyone else feeling the need to plan their outfits... ;)

* I'm off to play Duplo with my littlest dude. It's nice to have some time with just Tristan two mornings a week when Elliot and Rosie are at Montessori together.


  1. I had a couple of weeks there too where I was waking up all the time and couldn't get back to sleep, it eventually passed, so maybe you're going through the same thing?? I do go to bed late as well, i'm really trying to stop that! Its hard when hubby is a night owl and I have fomo!

    1. Oh, that's good to know! I will try to ride it out. I have two days a week where I can have an afternoon nap (big boy's at kindy, littler ones sleep!) so I make the most of it! Ha ha, I totally hear you on the FOMO - it helps that my hubby is really tired at the moment so we're BOTH going to bed early!

  2. so with you on the feijoa juice - so good! Our wall calendar rules our lives! Can't wait to meet you and host you - whoot!

    1. I know, I'm so excited too! Woop woop! Re: the wall calendar - I have one of those too! It has most of our stuff on it, but I was forgetting some things. With my diary in my bag now, I can whip it out at kindy and write down things like special days and the 'sound of the week' straight away - my brain really is a sieve!


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