01 April 2013

A Busy Day

As the title says, today has been a busy day. Hayden and I are both weary and footsore, but in that really good I-got-a-lot-of-work-done way. The firewood logs split and re-stacked for winter, the garage cleared and swept (now we can park our car in there. Fancy that!), the magnolia tree pruned (brutally, poor thing), grocery shopping done, pantry cleaned and re-stocked, laundry done and house vacuumed. Ah, feels good.

When Rosie asked me what was for dinner a few hours ago, she also suggested that we have pikelets. So we did. Elliot and Hayden made the batter and I cooked them in my trusty big electric frying pan. Mmm mmmmmm, yum yum. Good idea Rosie.

These are the good old days.


  1. cute - I love those days so much

  2. ugh we can't fit our car in our garage either. What a great day!

  3. sounds like a wonderful day! topped off by the best dinner ever!! yummo!
    (I am new to your blog... i found it via the lovely Dee! funny thing is our headers are almost identical! hehe..)


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