26 April 2013

E: Pre-schooler No More

My biggest boy is now ready to become a fully-fledged school boy. My little dude, my first baby, had his last day at Montessori today.

I didn't think I'd be emotional - he and I are both so ready for school - but I've been fighting off tears since I picked him up at 3pm! The end of an era has come upon us. I can't believe that this kid, who was my only baby such a short time ago, is now almost a school boy. That his pre-school time will, in only one more week, be over. Gone. Never to be repeated. I've always known that these baby-toddler-pre-school days are fleeting, but this seems WAY too fast!

See how much he's grown?! E's first day of kindy (March 2011) and his last (April 2013).

It feels a little like Elliot's leaving the nest already! Anticipating the weeks ahead where we will continue our normal weekly routines, but without Elliot, seems strange. I can't deny that the thought of one less little person at home during the day when this next baby arrives is one that provides me with a little peace, but it is still a strange thought. I feel a bit gutted for him, knowing that he'll be missing out on all those playtimes with his friends and fun playground picnics and all that other stuff we do, even though I know he'll be having a marvellous time with his new school friends and his new teacher, learning and growing and changing.

Life goes on, I suppose. You can't ever get comfortable in one place because our places in life are always changing. In another five short years I'll be getting ready to send our last baby off to school. I can't even tell you how strange it is to contemplate that. I am really feeling the truth of that saying, "The days are long, but the years are short." It's not an easy path, this full-time mothering gig (though it is a great one), but my goodness does it FLY!

Mamas, tell me how you felt when your firstborn finished up kindy and prepared for school. Did you shed a few tears like me?


  1. For me it was more like "Oops, we're meant to be homeschooling this year, aren't we. Better get on that". Sorry!

    I don't tend to get emotional about my kids growing up, though... except when they have a growth spurt right after I've sewn them new clothes, as my darling son just did! I made him three shirts which fit for, like, a fortnight. That did just about bring a tear to my eye, but not in a tender way...

  2. Yip - I got teary - and am even more teary at the thought of sending B at the end of the year - he's so close to his little sister, more so than him and G were - so I think separation will be hard. I'm just thankful school is around the corner and every Wednesday we're there for playgroup, so he rocks on up and I still get a nice cuddle.

  3. I'm sending my first off to Preschool in a week, and just that sends me into tears - it's only two mornings a week; but still... it'll be the first time we've ever been apart except for the odd baby-sitting!

  4. More than a few tears!! And I do it every time my babies leave kindy. Even starting morning kindy makes me a bit sad - never hanging with them in the mornings again..
    But then I think about how they're so ready for it, and they will/do love it so much.
    And they have had all that time doing all that stuff (especially the firstborn) that it's the other babies' turns.. Yeah it's hard, for sure!
    Hope you cope with day 1 of school!
    And hope hubby is much better.

  5. Oh I feel you! Been through exactly this in the last few months - first one as school, last one starting kindy at the end of this year... so fast it is unbelievable. you've captured and expressed the feelings perfectly :) Good luck!


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