05 April 2013

I Love Cousins

A busy day today - we have the kid's 3 cousins coming to stay for the weekend today ( so lovely!), so I'm getting busy doing all those things like cleaning the toilet and putting away the washing so that they don't think I'm too terrible of an Aunty.

I love that our kids all love their cousins so much. Every time we talk about seeing them, the kids are SO excited, and they all just get on so well together. They have 4 cousins here in Hamilton, 3 in Pukekohe and 1 little baby one in Christchurch.

We used to always go on holidays with our cousins when we were growing up. In fact, most of my childhood holiday memories have at least two cousins in them! I love that our parents made the effort to spend as much time as we could together, so that now, as adults, we're all good friends and have a close-knit family. I know I would do whatever I could for one of my cousins - because we're family - and I think they'd do the same for me.

Can you pick which one I am in those three photos? Hint: Look for the curly hair.

Our kids have good relationships with their cousins (although we'd love to see more of Baby Joseph in Chch! If only plane fares weren't so expensive...) and I hope that as they grow, they'll only get stronger.

Yay for cousins!


  1. Cool! My cousins were all tonnes older than me so we never really got that bonding BUT hubbys sister is in the same stage of life at us at the moment so hopefully our future kids will grow up with close cousins!!

  2. Yeh you're easy to spot - great photos! LOVE cousins - my kids are really as there are 17 on my side (21 down to 0) and 8 on John's.. so cool. 8 here in Hamz and the rest in aucks.
    And loads of close friends that may as well be cousins!

    Yeh I'm surprised that balloon took off - it went so fast. I really didn't think it would. The one at Bankwood school by you didn't get off the ground..

    I love those photos of all the kids hanging together! So cute.


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