19 April 2013

It's Good. (+ Face Photos!)

Can I just tell you how good it is to be surrounded by SO MUCH family?! So good.

Being an adopted person has meant that my definition of family has never been defined by genetics. Being part of such a wonderful church community has meant I've been surrounded by so many wonderful people who are nothing less than family to us.

Today has looked like this:

Breakfast with these two beautiful people. Little Brother Tristan spent another night entertained by his 4 cousins at his Aunty Heidi's. (We missed him!)

Elliot went to kindy, and I texted a wonderful friend (I have a lot of those...) who said she'd have Rosie for the morning. Then I turned up and discovered she already had another (of another wonderful friend's) two girls for the morning, and she still said yes! She also gives very good hugs.

Rosie and I then had a lovely lunchtime date while birthday present shopping for her cousins. It was so sweet to see her drinking her chocolate fluffy and listen to her chattering away.

Mum picked Rosie up and she gets to have a sleep over at her Oma's house. Today has been good timing for Rosie - quality time with Mummy and lots more with Oma so she can fill up her love tank. It's been a bit tough for this wee middle child!

While I was out picking Elliot up from kindy, at least two people dropped in. (Murphy's Law, right? Because Hayden was sleeping on the couch.) One with baking from school (gingerbread men! With pebbles!) and the other with tonight's dinner. Not only the most delicious-looking lasagne, but also a loaf of freshly baked bread, herby garlic butter and a container of lovely muffins. Spoiled, or what?!

We are taking each day as it comes. Attempting to keep the noise levels down so Hayden's head stays on his shoulders, going out for trips with the kids when that doesn't work, parcelling the kids out to various friends and family for various times and dates, definitely enjoying Milos with baking to dunk!

Hayden's face is looking a hang of a lot better now. Though the photos don't show quite how disgusting his chin wound looks...
L - Wednesday, Middle - Thursday, R - Today

We are coming to grips with the idea that actually Hayden might not be ready to go back to school after the holidays, but we will know more as we see how he progresses over the next two weeks. Honestly, I will be surprised if he is ready. Silver lining - we had a thought today that if it lasts long enough, we might be able to make a claim on the health insurance we've been paying all this time!


  1. YES! health insurance! I love (mostly) when paying insurance becomes worth it...except the excess and the usually terrible situation it comes with.
    So glad you are well looked after by family and friends!

  2. Glad things are looking up :)


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