18 April 2013

Silly Head + Good Things

Possibly the most random post title you'll find here...

Sometimes I don't like living inside my head. It can get a bit nasty in there. Today I've been finding myself tending towards a disgusting mix of self pity and frustration at everyone and thing around me. I don't like being yucky on the inside.

So instead, I will choose to see the good things. Because yes, on the surface, it hasn't been such a great week. But there are a lot of things that ARE good about it too.

I've really been enjoying spending heaps of time with Hayden. Even if it's a drowsy, bruised and puffy Hayden, he's still the man I love. Nice quiet quality time is just what we needed. He says it sucks, but that's only because the reason we're having so much time together is because he smacked his head on the road. Hmmm, that's true, but beggars can't be choosers, right? *wink*

I keep getting nice surprises at home - like cleaning up tonight (aside: even after having only 2 bigger children home for half the day and there's still tidying to do? Sigh.), putting away the books and realising that my beautiful friends didn't just do the dishes and put away the crap on my lounge floor while we were at the hospital, they did things like tidy the bookshelf and wash out my crusty Milo jar too.

As well as having a freezer stocked with meals, we've also been given some containers of baking. It is SO NICE to be able to make a Milo in the evening and have a nice biscuit to dip in it. It helps when said biscuit is loaded with choc chips and buttons!

(Image here from Milk and Cookies blog. Check out her other cute illustrations!)

It's been lovely to read all the posts from other NZ bloggers who were at the Bloggers Connecting conference in Christchurch over the weekend just been. It's helped me to remember the absolute high it left me with. There's now a post with a linky for all the round-up posts, so make sure to link yours in if you haven't. Or friends who weren't there (or even aren't bloggers at all) go have a look and see what it was all about. Don't forget to check out Dee's Other Conference. She's so funny. Promise my own post-conference post will be coming soon.

The sunshine today was much appreciated. While I didn't quite get my washing out, I liked that it wouldn't have rained on it if I did... Let's hope we have a repeat of that tomorrow. (The sunshine, that is.) Otherwise I'll be looking for a dryer to borrow before I run out of clean knickers...

It's good to see my big boy is ready to start school. Kindy doesn't hold much challenge for him any more, I suspect. He's not fussed on going, which I think has come about since his school visits the last two weeks where he's been able to see what the school classroom environment is like. It's wonderful to see him growing, developing and learning as he become so much more the boy - there's just about no toddler left in him at all any more. Why must babies grow up? I'm excited to see how he'll take the challenge of school and run with it.

Well, I'm off to clear the table and do the dishes. Maybe as a reward I'll have one of those choc-filled cookies I mentioned...


  1. HUGE HUGS I wish I lived a bit closer so we could help. You are all in our prayers.

  2. Nice one - I like your way of thinking! Great to try and find good stuff amidst the shite..


  3. Well done for keeping positive - hope the weekend is filled with lots of happy thoughts, milo and bikkies :)

    1. LOTS of milo and bikkies! I am happy to note that while I was out picking up Elliot from kindy, our bench has been re-stocked with more bikkies! Gingerbread men! With pebbles! Yum.


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