16 April 2013

So Much For The Post-Conference High...

Late Sunday night I came home from The Most Amazing Weekend at NZ's first blogging conference, Bloggers Connecting. (Or Around The Table, or both.) Wow wow wow, it was so good. Kissed the sleeping babes, snuggled next to the sleeping Hayden. Aaaaaaaah, lovely.

Monday morning. Pyjamas on, toast in the toaster, phone rings.
"Hi Jess. I've got Hayden's bike loaded into my car and the ambulance has just taken him away."
Wait. WHAT?! Back the truck up.

The first phone call hadn't come yet, so the person on the end of the phone (bless him) thought I already knew that Hayden had come off his bike on the way to school, was knocked out and cut up. Cue panic stations.

I called our good friends from around the corner and she came straight over; called another friend who was coming later so she had a head's up that she'd actually be looking after my kids instead of hanging out together; put on some clothes - remember, still in pyjamas?

I am very thankful that I knew right from the start that he hadn't been hit by a car, so it was merely worry and mild panic that I felt, rather than terror. I walked into Emergency at 8:30am to see my poor man dripping with blood, eyes closed and big long legs hanging off the end of the bed in Triage. Thankfully he moved or answered a question or something as I walked towards him so I knew he wasn't still away with the fairies. He looked pretty gruesome.

I had to sit down a few times. It's not fun to watch a doctor and nurse fixing up holes on your husband's face.

After a CT scan and a few x-rays, the diagnoses is no broken bones (wonderful) but a bruise on Hayden's frontal lobe, which mean a pretty bad concussion (much less wonderful). We've been told he needs to take it very easy for the next few weeks and rest a lot. Thankfully it's school holidays next week (he's a secondary school teacher) which makes the logistics of this a bit easier. I'm also thankful that I have Hayden's principal and the rest of the staff on MY side, and they have all told him not to come in this week (apart from the tiny bit of organising he needs to do) and that I am the boss for the week. I'm hoping I can stretch that out to two, because my man doesn't do unwell very well. (Does anyone's?)

In the photo below (sorry it's upside-down, silly phone or something) you can see the carnage that was Hayden's cycling glasses. The scratches are over his eye on the side he landed on. The frames of them are toast - snapped right at the place where he has the big gash over his eye, so we can tell it was caused by these. Not sure if the damage would have been better or worse without them...

So we're all feeling a little jaded today - Hayden much more so than the rest of us! The kids are doing great, though it's been hard for them with me away all weekend and then both Hayden and I away while we were at the hospital. We plan to have a slow week, with lots of together time.

And I plan to blog more about the conference! Once I've got some head-space/time. It really was a truly wonderful weekend, so of course I need to write about it!


  1. thats terrible!! Hope he heals fast and is not in too much pain.

    I have a bike riding hubby to be and he has had 2 bad tumbles in the last 3years. The most recent one he cracked a few ribs :/

  2. Oh Jess!! I am so sorry to hear about this!
    Let me know if I can do anything to help you guys out okay.

  3. Not the start to the week you wanted. Hope he does actually rest up so he can recover properly.

  4. So sorry to hear this Jess. Hoping that your hubs heals quickly xx

  5. oh my!! What an awful start to the week. Praying for a speedy recovery and lots of quiet down time xxxx

  6. Oh Jess! I'm so sorry...gosh, lucky the panic didn't send you into labour! So pleased it wasn't any worse.
    Let me know if you need anything (you must be exhausted!!)


  7. oh Jess! How horrible! Hits close to home because Nate cycles to work everyday as well, and it always worries me :( I really hope he heals well and quickly! Lots of love to you all xxxx

  8. Eeek, crashing (bad word) back to reality huh :( Rest up family xxx

  9. OH MAN!!! That sucks!!!!
    That is pretty gruesome.. hope he gets good again really soon. Did he just slip or something? Sheesh..
    ( Freaks me out a bit too as my husbo bikes to work in Hillcrest every day rain or shine..Always glad to see him walk thru the door at day's end..)
    Hope your holiday is a relaxing and healing time...

  10. Awh poor Hayden and well done Jess for being so strong! It sucks seeing your man in pain!
    Big squeezy hug from here!

  11. Oh Jess;( When I opened up your blog via Facebook I was expecting to see your big boy Elliot...I always get Hayden/Elliot mixed up...Poor Hayden, not fun being concussed or down-and-out for that matter...Chris has had some bad concussions in his lifetime and hopefully this is Haydens first and last. I'll be praying for him, and strength for you to get through this with your 3 kiddos, your pregnant self and Hayden!
    Much love, us Swains.

  12. Sorry to hear about this. Praying for a speedy recovery. Glad he can have some time and space to heal. Cx

  13. Oh my goodness. Do you guys need dinner? I can make you dinner...

  14. Oh no! Poor fellow, I do hope he's starting to feel a little better. It's so hard having big upsets in the routine, too, so I hope things have settled down a little in the last few days, too. Sending quick-healing thoughts! x

  15. Hi Jess, Sorry to hear of the accident, but good on you for trusting in God's sovereignty and I hope your man gets lots of rest and recovers well. x

  16. Hugs to you all! Here's to a speedy recovery.


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