17 April 2013

Support + Love


Hayden is doing alright. His face looks even worse than it did yesterday - he has an enormous black eye. Well, red really, from the blood under his skin. It will turn black, then green then yellow etc as time progresses. At the moment it's basically one big lump from cheekbone to brow bone, with a laceration or two thrown in for good measure. I concentrate on looking at is good eye when we talk. It's easier that way.

He's very tired and a little bit slow, brain-wise. But considering his prodigious brain speed on a normal day, his slow looks like my really good day, so we can forgive him a few mix-ups. He's been to school a little bit (he's a teacher), needing to get a few assessments and classes sorted. He wouldn't be able to relax without having done this, so although he went against my wishes, he did so with my understanding. He's done for the week now and is resting and sleeping often.

I am managing okay too. I didn't cry at all on Monday, but looking at his face yesterday started me off on a bit of a sob. I am very tired, but am remembering to take my iron and vitamin supplements and have been able to rest a bit with Hayden too. No pre-term labour for me!

I haven't taken any photos of him today - I'll do that later! I think it will be interesting to see the evolution of his face as the bruising comes up then goes away and his gashes heal.

Let me tell you how great we've been supported and loved over the last three days.

 Love and Recovery

Firstly, we see the sovereignty of our God as we contemplate how everything went down. As Hayden's principal prayed with us this morning, we thank God for standing guard over THAT corner as Hayden fell. There were two people who stopped to help him straight away and called the ambulance. A very good friend of ours (and school parent) was driving past as it happened and recognised him, so she was able to notify school straight away, who then called me. If she hadn't been there, the ambulance staff or police would have had to look through his phone to maybe find me (as Hayden doesn't carry his wallet to and from school), and I probably would have gotten police on my doorstep or something which would have caused me a heart attack on the spot. We are immensely thankful too that no cars were involved, as that most likely would have meant many more serious injuries. I'm thankful for our friend being there on the scene as that meant that I knew this straight away too.

We are surrounded by the most amazing family and friends - who are family to us too. As I said yesterday, a friend from close by came over straight away to care for the kids while I went to the hospital, another friend was coming over later so she was able to take over, and later in the day, more friends were in the area and able to pick up our kids and take them to their home until Hayden and I were home again and settled and I could pick them up. Another friend texted to say she'd have hot dinner ready, our minister called and talked to me in the hospital and I'm sure spread the word so that our congregation was praying for Hayden. While we were still at the hospital, one of Hayden's colleagues dropped off his busted bike (thankfully not too busted), filled our freezer with meals and got our washing in out of the rain. I have had more offers of meals and laundry-doing.

Mum took me and the kids out for dinner last night so Hayden had quiet, she's taken the big kids out this afternoon and my Dad will come and pick them up for dinner again tonight. This is really helpful as it means we still get to be together with the kids for different parts of the day, while allowing them out to have space to make noise and be normal kids while Hayden has the space to have the quiet rest and recovery that he needs, particularly for the next few days.

So, while we still recognise that Hayden has a serious brain injury here (and a lumpy face), we are thankful that it is not worse. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Love and the community that you find in love is one of our most richest blessings.

I'll keep you updated. (And show you more gruesome photos!)


  1. so glad you are being looked after xx

  2. crikey, that is gruesome, poor bloke, and poor you too. the first thing i thought when i saw your post is "oh no don't go into labour" so i'm really glad to hear your trying to take it easy and breathe etc. it was so lovely to meet you jess, albeit briefly, take care xxx

  3. There's nothing better than good friends and helpers - I'm glad to hear you have both! I hope the recovery is a speedy one (sorry I didn't introduce myself properly to you over the weekend!)


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