10 April 2013

WW: Image vs. Reality

Here I am, back again! It's been a very long time since I joined the Wardrobe Wednesday party. It's nice to be here again!

(Sorry about how some of the photos are blurry.)

I thought it must be high time that I debut my 4th-time-around 23+ week Baby belly. Hello!

I need to be honest, I stopped joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday because I wasn't enjoying it any more. I liked my clothes, but I was becoming discouraged every time I saw my photos. You see, sometimes (the times I'm not in front of a mirror or camera) I forget that I'm not the thin, beautiful person I used to be. This person here:

Well, maybe it's not so much that I forget what I look like now, and more that in my head I remember what it felt like to be that way, and it's saddening to be reminded of my current size sometimes.

But with the commencement of Growing Baby Number Four, I've decided to throw my self-caution to the winds and embrace where I am right now. Knowing (and hoping and intending) that I won't always look like this. My body is doing what it needs to be doing for my family right now, and all too soon I will begin the long hard slog that will be getting back to where I want to be, size-wise.

So for now, this is me. Thanks to a change in eye-liner and subsequent eczema under my eyes, it's a make-up free me, but I can live with that!

K-Mart shoes (love the cute bows!) and maternity t-shirt, thrifted (Sportsgirl) skirt - one of my favs! - scarf from somewhere in London (birthday present from my sister) and sunglasses from I-can't-remember. Have you heard of that shop? It's very exclusive.

Look! What's that up there? It's NZ's first blogging conference, Around The Table! So close!


  1. ha ha love that last pic. You are very beautiful x

  2. I think you look lovely just the way you are! Beautiful outfit, beautiful figure, beautiful curly hair!! Marlies

  3. You are rocking that baby bump Jess! see you soon!

  4. beautiful Mama! See you soooooon!!

  5. Love this post! I think you're looking awesome.
    I know how you feel with the image vs reality.. I have morphed big time in the 10 years I've been mummying! Getting to the stage where I REALLY need to do something now though!! Have fun at the conference - I'm expecting a photo bomb!

  6. Congratulations Jess!!!! You look fantastic and it's SO nice to have you back. The difference between perception and reality can be huge and I really hope you hear how many people think you look AMAZING the way you are now :)

    See you soon xo

  7. Jess, you look gorgeous.
    A fitted black top with a floral skirt was my pregnancy uniform!!

    Enjoy the conference, lady.
    Shine like a bright shiny Waikato star :)


  8. I love the colours you're wearing! And fourth time around -- woo!!


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