22 May 2013

Garden Duty

All photos courtesy of our garden in better, sunnier times.

I've just come back inside from 45 minutes in the garden. 45 minutes spent solely tearing out weeds or dead vegetable plants, most or which were bigger than the plants themselves. I won't say it felt good to get out (especially when it started raining!), as tiredness is beginning to get the better of me these days. But it certainly is a relief to have gotten a job done that has been nagging at me for a number of weeks now. (Does anyone else's garden nag at them too?)

Next on the garden list is to mow the lawns - just waiting for a time of day when the grass isn't either wet from dew in the morning or rain in the afternoon! And then I'll ask hubby to dig over the vege garden when he feels up to it.

I'm not sure about my humble vege patch. I'm certainly no green thumb, and anything edible I grow is almost entirely up to the goodness of God, the soil, sunshine and rainfall than my paltry efforts. I do love being able to eat from our own garden. And I love the money it saves, when I can get something from outside for our consumption and know I haven't just bought it at the shop for $2.99 a kilo, or something.

But my patch is a bit forlorn and ugly looking. It was lovingly dug and edged by my wonderful Man sometime last year and it's in a good spot, but as I was outside, I began contemplating raised beds... Wooden boxes that would match our sandpit and deck planter box... Easy to use... Easy to keep pest free... Bit of a cover-up for our not-particularly-glamorous tin fence... Hmmm, I can see the positives. Now to find the money, time and uninjured husband to get it done... Do you think we could make them out of reclaimed plaster board and an old bath?

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  1. the husband out of reclaimed plaster board?? Harsh! :o) The garden just feels like one more part of the housework i fail miserably at. I'd like a gardener actually.... especially one that grew good veges and fruit trees and liked weeding


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