16 May 2013

Girl's Weekend!

I am so excited for tomorrow! We're goin' on a girl's weekend! Woo hoo!

We did the same thing a year ago - see us up above? - and had such a good time that we vowed to do it again. So this year we booked our date in plenty of time so that we could all make it fit with our families and prepare our husbands children for a weekend without Mummy.

We'll be staying in the same bach in Raglan as last time because we know it works well. We chose Raglan - a small west coast beach town - because it's nice and close to Hamilton so we won't spend half the weekend travelling, yet it still feels like a holiday because you know you're 'at the beach.'

The Mums who didn't bring their babies entertained the babies whose Mums were doing their share of the clean up.

We've divvied up the meals so each lady is responsible for one meal, and we'll all bring a drink and snack to share, so we're guaranteed some delicious food! I still drool when I remember Renee's salmon and tropical salad from last year...

The one thing I hadn't been able to factor in when we planned this so long ago was my husband having a head injury... It's been a bit crazy round these parts for the last four weeks and I really feel (maybe you'll think me selfish) that I need this weekend to have a bit of a break from the (extra) hard work that has been my life lately. Thankfully, my husband sees this need (or at least sees my desire to make it work) and we've arranged care for the kids for the weekend so that I can still go. Phew. I'm glad it works out that way actually, because it means that Hayden will actually have a nice quiet weekend to rest as well. Win win, I think.

Danielle and Stephanie - they look so little compared to how big they are now. A year is a long time...

So, I've got my Things To Remember list well sorted - as we all know my brain is like a broken sieve. You know when you're excited about something and so you get packed and ready really really early? (Apart from on the way to Christchurch for the Blogger's Conference, sorry Talia!) I've already got the kids overnight bags sorted and Saturday night's roast defrosting, plus my supermarket shopping list waiting for me in the morning.

Look at 1-year-ago chubby, short-haired Tristan! (And his little buddy, Leyton.)

**Edit: Ha ha, oops. I must have gotten distracted after I added the photos to this post because I totally forgot to finish writing it... Woop woop! Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. wahoo! what fun.
    Years ago my friends and I used to do girls weekends, they were the best.
    Have an awesome time and you TOTALLY deserve it. Cant wait to hear about it.

  2. oh have a wonderful time - I'd say you'd definitely need some down time for all you've been carrying xxxx (and I'm not talking about the baby you are growing!)

  3. ah, so wish i was coming. Such a good time last year! Have a super time. (oh and that's Stephanie rather than Madison)


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