04 May 2013

Tidbits From Today

Duraseal. All kinds of fun. The first book I covered was awesome. The second one has incurable wrinkles. Not too bad, but they offend my sense of smoothness. Also frustrating is that one roll only covers two of E's books - one big, one small. He has 10. About to head out to the shop for a few more rolls...

* * *

When I answer the phone and you say, "Good evening ma'am. I am calling previous Telecom customers etc etc," and it is 3:30pm and I have never been a Telecom customer, that and your strong accent tell me that you are not calling from New Zealand. I wasn't really interested already, but now I'm truly not. Telemarketers (or whatever they are) do frustrate me!

* * *

E's chair bag and pillow have been finished. It felt so cool to make them for him! It is still so surreal that I am the mother of a (just about!) school boy now. Sometimes I don't even feel like an adult, how can I have a school-aged child?!

We chose his favourite colour - green - and when I was at Spotlight I saw this cool vintage map fabric which reminded me how much E loves to look at maps. Throw in some blue bias binding and some (or his other favourite colour) red felt and voila! A chair bag! And matching cushion, for mat time. (Which I have yet to stuff. And take a picture of in natural light.)

* * *

Our bathroom renovations are moving along nicely. My father-in-law (who used to be a carpenter) has been here all of today and most of yesterday. Last weekend my Dad was here to help with pulling down the old walls in the bathroom - Hayden's head still wasn't (isn't) up to the noise and jolting that the job needed.

The big job my FIL has been doing has been fitting the new bath in. By all accounts what should have been pretty simple was made very complicated by the ridiculous fibreglass bath that we brought. Unbeknownst to us at the time, it is not flat on the underside, so the cradle for it to rest in had to be cut piece by piece, extremely accurately, to make it level and un-wobbly. (So technical, I am.) But it's in now, and as I type, the second piece of Gib Aqualine (plaster board) is going in too!

A funny side effect of the current renovations is our in-between shower. We have a new hot water system - a gas Rheem, continuous hot water from a little box outside the house, no clunky hot water cylinder. Our old cylinder (now rolling around in the garden) was a wetback (connected to our fireplace, which helped to heat the water when it was on), meaning it needed to be low pressure. The new shower - with the ability to control how hard you turn the water on - is not ready yet, so we still have our old shower connected. Now our new hot water is mains pressure, and combined with our already strong cold water, showering at our house is an extreme sport! The water shoots out INCREDIBLY fast, so hard it's as good as a massage. (Almost). The first time Hayden used it he sprayed the entire shower room as it careened off his head.

* * *

Hayden is doing remarkably well, for being nearly 3 weeks post-smacking his head on the road. Loud noises (ie skill saws, Rosie screams) make his head hurt, but he's not really having headaches, and in fact has only taken paracetamol (at my insistence) maybe three times in the last 10 days.

He can concentrate for longer and has been getting some planning and marking done for school. His eyesight is improving - he can read the clock on the oven from the dining room table again. Reading is probably the thing he can do for the least amount of time, though that's improving. He certainly is brighter every day, which is really great to be able to see. Those first few days he just looked dazed. Lights on but no-one home. He plans to be at school next week only for the same time as the students (8:40am - 3:15pm) and will come in the car with us as I drop Elliot off. I'm concerned about how a full-on work day will go, but he and his principal both know that we will be taking it as it comes and seeing how Hayden goes. All that's left of his gruesome smashed face is a red line above his eye (that will take a long time to fade, I think) and a scab on his chin (which you can JUST see in the photo above, taken two nights ago). He's a bit disappointed that he doesn't have more to show for it!

* * *

Dinner tonight was yummy - though not photo worthy. Satay sauce lends itself to unflattering comparisons with various bodily emissions. But something I put in the mix for the meatballs tonight made my eczema EXPLODE as I was mixing it. I wonder what it was? Raw egg? Tomato sauce? Oh wait. I just had an epiphany as I was typing. I put paprika and cumin in too. It would have been the spicyness on my already sup-par fingers. Duh. So now I have bright red, spotchy swollen fingers, but a full tummy of yummy food! Mmmmmm.

And on that note of proof that I really am as scatter-brained as you thought, I'll leave you to your Saturday evening!


  1. Love it Jess ... glad you had an amazing Saturday ... blessings for the week ahead.

  2. Well done clever lady... that chair cover is amazing! All the other kids will be totes jealous! So glad that your hubby is on the improve.. he looks so much better!! Be thinking of you in the morning as you take your son to school for his first day... exciting and scary and a tad overwhelming.. and that's just for mama!! xx

  3. Oh that chair bag is AWESOME!!!
    Glad your hubby is on the mend, it must of been very scary.
    good luck with the starting school! Duraseal is never my friend. You can buy book covers that are much more user friendly... but now I just send my kids with no cover..haha. mean mother I am.


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