30 July 2013

Sunshine and Peace

What a glorious, sun-shiny day! Last night I only slept from 2:30am, thanks to the joys of advanced pregnancy and noisy noses (mine. Somehow I can snore with my mouth shut, even with a clear nose? Drives us both up the wall.) But despite that, it's been a lovely productive morning of laundry tub buying, washing (plumbing finished, laundry back in working order, for now!), playing outside, clearing the deck, hanging pictures, sorting shoes and picnic lunches!

Elliot and Hayden are back at school, Rosie and Tristan have been playing peacefully all morning, it's really been quite lovely! They are both tucked up in bed now and I should catch up on my own sleep, but it's so nice to be getting things done in the sunshine that I almost don't want to!

Don't want to sleep?! Who is this strange new busy person?!

I have been feeling quite anxious about when our baby will be arriving, willing the renovations to hurry up and be finished before D-Day. But the other night I took a nice long hot shower, thought a bit and prayed a lot and came out of the bathroom with a beautiful sense of the Peace that passes understanding. God knows me and my family (and my house!). I know I can trust Him with the timing of this. If Baby comes before we're finished renos, so be it. It will truly be fine! I will have a snuggly wee cuddly bundle to love, we have everything we need, and if we're a bit squashed and messy for a few more weeks? Well, too bad! Ah, peace is a fine thing.

I didn't realise I was letting my anxiousness get between Hayden and I, so now with the release of it we are a team again. And I think that my letting go of the stress of getting finished ASAP!!! has freed him up to do what needs to be done, as it is able to be done, without the pressure I was putting on him.

The shower comes out!

This isn't to say I don't want the renovations to be finished quickly! That would be ideal, but there's still a good amount of work to do. However, every day Baby stays incubating, a little more gets done here on the outside. And as uncomfortable - and actually downright painful thanks to pinched nerves at the back of my pelvis - as pregnancy has become, I am quite content to hang in there for a while longer, knowing there's no rush, and Perfect timing is coming.

I would appreciate your prayers for a few things:
- Hayden is busy, with school and building here at home. Pray that he would be productive without adding his own stress.
- It hurts to walk. That gets old fast! Pray for relief by the small things I can do to help.
- Please pray for a safe delivery at any time - except over the weekend! Friday to Sunday nights my midwife is off duty but I really want her present at our birth! I am trying to release my anxiousness about this, but it's a little more stubborn!
- Let's pray this sunshine sticks around! Wouldn't it be glorious to have a baby in weather like this?!!

Thank you, friends. You are dear to me.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

25 July 2013

Status Reports

* * * * *
In 2 days I will be 39 weeks pregnant. Getting closer and closer to D-Day, whenever that might be. I have been a week past my 20 week scan date with the last two babies, so I'm expecting more of the same. We have everything we need, though I certainly don't feel mentally ready for this little one yet! I'm curious to see how our renovation progress impacts upon how 'late' I might be... Will I hold out for a few more days, a few more days, a few more days, waiting for work to be finished? My body is certainly ready - I'm tired of being big and awkward!

Please excuse my undone hair and face, but here's a belly shot from 2 weeks ago!

* * * * *
Hayden and his Dad are making great progress on the house renovations. Today they have begun moving the windows - the laundry window moves to become the bedroom window, the old shower window moves to become the new laundry window. It's going to be a long day of work today - would you pray with me particularly for smooth and efficient work that makes HEAPS of progress? The more that gets done every day, the less stressed I feel. Once the windows are done, they can finish framing the new laundry wall, and then Gib, plaster and paint, with a few bit of plumbing and electrical work thrown in there too. The finish line is slowly approaching!

I had the first shower in the new bathroom yesterday - pretty cool! Apart from a few tiny details, the new bathroom is now finished, which is just great!

* * * * *
Hayden's doing really well. I don't think he's quite back to where he was before the accident (way back in April already!), but I would say he's about 85-90% recovered. He is getting marginally better sleep, though convincing him to get to bed at a decent hour is just the challenge it's always been. Very frustrating to watch! He has 3 weeks at the beginning of term that his two junior classes will continue to be taught by the reliever from last term, and then he's back into the full-time swing. Hayden has told me that it would be most convenient for me to have the Baby in the first week of term (next week) as that would be easier for setting relief. I have told him that I would like to oblige but have absolutely no control over the matter!

* * * * *
Elliot has now completed his first term at school, and just about finished his first set of official holidays! He had some 'teething' issues while he settled in - normal, getting-used-to-school stuff - realising you have to do what the teacher says when she says it instead of choosing your own activities, like you do at kindy etc. We've also been dealing with a few behavioural issues that came up, I think partly from being exposed to new kids and play-styles as well as being really tired towards the end of the term. The holidays have been a good chance to chill out, relax and have time to address these things at home. And it's been so good not having to be out of the door at 8:15am every morning!

* * * * *
I made the decision to take Rosie out of kindy at the end of the term, which has been a really good choice. She was no longer enjoying it (since Elliot stopped going with her when he started school) and would much rather be home with me and Tristan. I saw no point in prolonging the agony - she's only three-and-a-half! - and was getting tired of all the trips we had to make - school, kindy, morning activities. The weeks were just getting too full! Rosie is now much happier and it's lovely to spend so much time with my girl.

* * * * *
Tristan is an awesome little boy. Nearly two now, he's just so full of this unique little personality. He's a bundle of energy and a child prodigy when it comes to any sporting endevour. I have a feeling his hand-eye co-ordination is better than mine! He's certainly got a better kick on him! It's quite cool. I'm interested to see how he will cope when the Baby makes it's appearance... I think he will find it hard having to share Mummy with someone even more dependant than him! But he has a caring nature and kind heart so I think he'll be alright in the end.

* * * * *
Though this post is more than long enough now (congratulations if you've reached this far!), a quick outline of my blogging plans is in order. I have totally let myself off the guilt of not posting often at all, as it just isn't feasible right now. I sure have a lot I could write about, but only enough energy to care for my family, house and self, which are always my priorities! I do read all of your posts still, even though I don't always comment, and miss being a contributing part of the community I love, but I know that will come again in time.

* * * * *

Now, off to keep feathering my nest to make way for Baby!

07 July 2013

A Priceless Surprise

I don't even know how to tell you about this amazing thing that just happened.

We've just spent a lovely weekend up in Pukekohe with some of our beloved family. Lovely to relax, eat yummy food, watch cousins playing together (even if it was punctuated by screams of fear from Rosie about the cats and [small, friendly] dog), chatting about life and birth and marriage and chemistry boring crap stuff. (That was the menfolk.)

Cousins + iPad = pile-up

The kids enjoyed their time so much (as they always do, with any part of the family) that there were meltdowns on the way to the car, and the drive home was punctuated with grumpy, tearful, "I want to go and stay at Uncle Kelly and Auntie Sarah's FOREVER," and, "I don't WANT to go home!"

And here begins the amazing:

Drive down the driveway and I say to Hayden, "Tristan's window's open. I thought it was shut when we left?" Park the car and I say to Hayden, "Did you put those two rubbish bags outside?" He looks at me and says, "No. Oooooooooooh." And the cogs start turning. Our friends knew we were away. They knew where we'd left a spare key for tradesmen. Had they been while we were gone, the cheeky things?

We walk inside and see vacuumed floors and a clean kitchen bench. Dishes done and put away, stove top cleaned, microwave (disgustingly filthy, check!) spotless, floors shiny. We see clean washing folded in the washing baskets.

I'm standing in the lounge, answering children's questions, when Hayden comes down from the hallway and grabs my hand. Leads me to Tristan's room and opens the door. Where I promptly burst into tears. Like I'm on a surprise home makeover TV show.

Because I am. Just about. Our beautiful friends have come in this weekend and finished Tristan's room. Stripped wallpaper, sanded walls, filled holes, primed and painted. In exactly the colours I had planned. All finished and set up like a bedroom again.

I sobbed. And the kids looked at me strangely.

I can't even tell you how humbled I am. How blessed we are. I'm NOT talking about by having this room finished - although that IS a massive blessing - but by the friends God has given to me. To us. To know that these friends, who have busy lives and young families and other stresses, set apart their weekend and gave their time and talents as a gift to us. But it's so much more than that. The love they show us by being WILLING. By the fact that I know they are glad to help me. I am struggling to put these feelings into words. To see that my friends care so much for me that they would organise and do this just shouts out how much I am loved. How priceless is that?!

They even cleaned the toilet!

I'm having a real mental blank right now. I have wanted to blog for a long time about the amazing friends I have. My words tonight haven't done them justice. I am still a bit shell-shocked, I think.

God, I praise You for these people You have made. How You have shaped and moulded them with beautiful hearts and generous spirits. I humbly thank You for surrounding me with them. Everywhere I turn can Your blessings be seen.

If Tristan wasn't sleeping in there right now, I'd be sitting in the chair and contemplating. Probably with leaking eyes. And finally starting to relax about this Baby's arrival in a month. Wow. So wow.