16 August 2013

Baby Four Sweepstakes

Right people. The time for complaining is over. I am so ready to be finished incubating this baby, but it's not my choice. So Little One, whenever you decide you are ready to release your special little hormone to get this show on the road, you can know I will be ready!

Talking with my midwife yesterday, we realised that we had somehow calculated my period date wrong: it's not the 9th of August, but the 14th. I've decided to throw my 20 week scan date (3rd Aug) out the window. I don't particularly want to be induced - and possibly I'm hardly even 'overdue' anyway! - so as long as Baby and I are both healthy, we continue to wait. I am resigned to this, though I would certainly appreciate your prayers for patience! It feels like I'll be pregnant forever.

With that in mind, I thought I'd begin a Baby Four Sweepstakes! A block of chocolate and whatever other nice goodies I can rustle up will go to the person with the closest guess.

Leave me a comment with your pick for Baby Four's:
birth date
time of birth
birth weight

(Not gender because I already know that, so it would be a wasted guess!)
Edit** I've just added the other children's birth weights (under their pics) to help you along. :)

I'll write up a table and post it back up here this time tomorrow, so get your guesses in by 10am Saturday.
**Here is the table!** (Not very flash-looking.)

Baby Sweepstakes

NAME                            DATE     TIME    WEIGHT
Miriam F                          12-Aug    1635hr    08lb 12oz
Simone H                         17-Aug    0400hr    09lb 04oz
Josella H                          17-Aug    0656hr    08lb 12oz
Anita P                             17-Aug    1515hr    10lb 03oz
Jean M                             18-Aug    0112hr    09lb
Linda Op Shop                 18-Aug    0300hr    09lb 10oz
Diana J                             18-Aug    0800hr    09lb 07oz
Tracey O                          18-Aug    1200hr    08lb 03oz
Tina G                              18-Aug    1308hr    10lb 01oz
Joanna V                          19-Aug    0432hr    09lb 14oz
Annamarie vdW              19-Aug    0645hr    08lb 15oz
Rachelle Warming           19-Aug    2208hr    09lb 09oz
Skkorman                        20-Aug    0025hr    08lb 6oz
Renee T                           20-Aug    0300hr    09lb 12oz
Amy C                             20-Aug    0500hr    09lb 10oz
Maria McD                      20-Aug     1025hr
Sophie LM                       21-Aug    0259hr    09lb 13oz
Glenys W                         23-Aug    0438hr    10lb 04oz
Amanda W                       24-Aug    0305hr    10lb
Sarah T                                                           10lb 03oz

Elliot: 8lb 13oz, Rosie: 9lb 3oz, Tristan: 9lb 13oz


  1. Oh heck what cute babies!!!
    OK I'm going 9lb 10oz.. and I think 18/08/13 sounds good.. 3am.. I have no idea why. Just coz.

    Anyway - hope you can find distractions - so hard.. And hope it all goes really well, whenever it happens.

  2. 21/8/2013 @ 2.59am! 9lb 13oz (you have lots of 9's and 3's in all those weights! )

    All the best Jess, thinking of you!! xx

  3. I'm going 8lb12oz at 4.35pm (a nice time of day!) on 12th Aug xx

    1. You know that the 12th has already passed, right Miriam? ;) I promise I haven't had this baby and kept it a secret!

  4. 18/08/2013 @ 1:08pm. Don't be mad....10 lbs 1 oz!

  5. I'm voting for 20/08/13 at 5am 9lb 10oz
    Can't wait to meet #4 :)

  6. Date: 8/20/13
    Time: 12:25AM
    Weight: 8lbs, 6 oz

    My very best wishes to you on the birth of your 4th beautiful babe!
    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  7. Good luck! I am sure #4 will be just as gorgeous as the other 3!

  8. I am probably too late but I'm going to guess 10'3" at 9am 19/8.
    Everytime I drive by your house I say a little prayer for you and bub x

  9. Unless you gave birth this morning my time has now passed :( xxx


I love to read your comments very much. xxx