29 August 2013

Dear Gryffen: 1 week

Dear Gryffen,

Yesterday you were one week old. Already our time is going too fast! I have determined to enjoy every moment of you as a baby. Just thinking about you growing up so fast and not being my little bundle anymore makes me tear up! (Can I blame that on hormones? Maybe.)

You are becoming a very settled little boy, Gryffen; having a few good stretches of sleep at night. The only hard thing about night-time feeds is having to get out of my warm, oh-so-comfortable bed. But I do love our night-time cuddles so very much, with the lights dim and wrapped in a snuggly blanket together, so it's not really that hard.

In one week you have learned how to breastfeed like a champ, only losing 30g. You have the cutest, squishy-est cheeks, and when you're sleeping in my arms I love to squeeze them and move your chin up and down to make you look like you're talking. And then I giggle like an idiot because it looks so funny.

You really don't like getting changed - which happens frequently as you keep wetting through your nappies somehow! I just love to see you in only a nappy - you look SO TINY! It's lovely to have a little (to me) baby after expecting I'd have a big 10-pounder!

Your cord has just about dropped off and you have an enormous belly button underneath! We'll see if it pulls in as your tummy muscles grow stronger. I think it's pretty darn cute. You also have a strawberry birth mark on the first finger and thumb of your right hand. Maybe you'll grow up and hate it, but I actually really like it, for some reason. I think your tiny hands are so sweet and perfect, and your little red fingers are just lovely. You might have to spend the rest of your life spelling your name to people, but you'll also be able to make some great jokes about being caught red-handed!

By far, my favourite thing to do is to stare into your eyes. When you are awake you are very alert and love to just look at whoever is holding you - usually me, Papa or Rosie. In the hour after you were born you mesmerised me when you looked deep into my eyes as if you were memorising my features and matching them up to the me you knew from the inside. I've been smitten ever since.

Gryffen, you are such a treasure. A perfect gift that brings so much joy. Even at 3am.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love that you are taking in each precious moment and savoring it! xx


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