10 August 2013

Post-Dates Snippets

I am now 41 weeks pregnant - which is where I expected to be, though of course a little bit earlier would also have been acceptable! Hence my 'Post-Dates' title. If I follow the 'pattern' of my last two babies (7 & 8 days past scan date), I should deliver this weekend! Hayden has set his relief for Monday and Tuesday, childcare is sorted for the other kids, pool is set up (unfilled!) and in the garage, basinette is made up and ready to go, tiny little baby clothes are laid out. All we need is a baby!

I am feeling fine. Tired, sore and uncomfortable, but content to wait for the right time. Though I will admit that it is getting harder to keep waiting! This is possibly the most frustrating time in pregnancy, KNOWING it will be soon - so soon - but not knowing just when and not being able to make any concrete plans. Mum described it well: it's like being an aeroplane in a holding pattern.

Listen up Baby Four! We want to meet you! And snuggle you and take in great bit gulps of that delicious newborn scent. And wrap you tight in cosy wraps and dress you in cute winter hats and squish your squishy cheeks. Hurry up and make your way to us please! Stimulate that pituitary gland for me, little baby, and get this show on the road!

Elsewhere in our household, the renovations continue. Father-In-Law is here again today and they are making good progress. The laundry is now gibbed out, with all fixings attached (skirtings etc), and ready to be plastered. Tristan's new room is also all gibbed out, they are working on getting the fixings up today and need to patch some holes in the floor. I'm not sure if that's all going to happen today, but once it does, that room will be ready for plastering too. Then painting and carpeting!

They are making good progress. It sure will be nice when it's all done and dusted though!

Living in a building site...

I think I won't blog again until it's with Baby news - my head-space is a little occupied just now. Hopefully I won't have time because Baby will appear tonight!


  1. Go Jess, Come on new baby! All the best for the coming days! xxxx

  2. exciting - look forward to hearing the wonderful news. Put something in the post for you last week :o) x

    1. Yes! It arrived yesterday! So sweet. Thank you, you lovely lady!

  3. Hi Jess, being that I wrote this yesterday I REALLY hope baby has arrived!!
    If you need anything, please let me know xx


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