20 August 2013

Wearing: Stripes, Asian + Belly

I realise it's not Wednesday today, but as I'd dearly love to have my Baby ASAP, maybe these photos will be out of date tomorrow! *wishful thinking*

Hayden said yesterday that this is the Biggest Belly he remembers on me, and looking at these photos, I can see what he means! 41 weeks + horizontal stripes = Big Baby Four!

I do so love my new-to-me thrifted, Asian-inspired jacket. I needed a warm layer that I could wear over Bump and decided a nice jacket was just the ticket, so off to the op-shops I went! I stumbled across this cute black one, with cool green details - one of those colours that always draws my eye. It is made of some type of wool - and that's all I can tell you because it is authentically Asian: I can't read the labels! I just love the collar and the ways the sleeves sit.

I realise that my pants probably don't suit me very well (particularly as I just noticed they seem to be falling down in this pic! Crotch down by knees, anyone?) - they are very wide-legged and certainly made for someone MUCH taller than me (as evidenced by how much I had to cut off the bottom to hem them for me!). BUT they are made from merino wool and are stretchy and warm and still look a bit nicer than track pants! Win win, me thinks.

A new haircut last week has been much appreciated. I like my hair longer sometimes, but I do think I prefer it shorter. I get more volume and I can wear cool earrings! While I lose out on not being able to chuck it in a quick pony-tail in the morning, it only takes me 5 minutes to wet it then blow dry it quickly and it looks 1000% better than a pony-tail!

These are my go-to shoes: plain, black (= goes with everything), slight wedge heel but very comfy to walk in. Just like flats, but better!

Jacket: Op Shop (originally from somewhere in Asia)
Top: K-Mart (bub2b range - so cheap and wearable!)
Merino Pants: Nes
Shoes: No. 1 Shoes


  1. You are look FABULOUS Jess! So healthy and ready to have a baby!! (That colour green looks awesome on you BTW. And your curls. LOVE them. Always. Totally Jealous!)

    Thinking of you xxx

  2. You look beautiful Jess. Love the jacket too - great find. Fingers crossed baby comes soon but you sound very ready to let thing happen in their own time. xxx

  3. You look fabulous!! All the best Xx

  4. Well you look very good for being so overdue Jess! xo

  5. You are looking so lovely! And good score on the jacket! Looks great on you. We think of you often and ask everyday if there is any news from school :) All the best.


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