15 October 2013

Future Sportsman

This little guy is pretty cool. You'd expect me to say that though, right? However, I do have it on good authority* that he's been earmarked to marry one of the little girls at our church. (*Her mother.) SO I guess some other people think he's a bit alright too. *grins*

Tristan has some amazing hand-eye co-ordination. I won't lie: he got it from me. (Not really.) Though he got more of it from his soccer-mad Papa, and possibly his Opa too - who used to be amazing at gymnastics, back in the day. I haven't asked him to do a back flip recently.

Without word of a lie: Tristan kicked a ball before he could walk. One day he crawled across the grass to the side of our deck, pulled himself up to standing and kicked that mini soccer ball like he'd been doing it his whole life. Incredible. He's pretty handsome too.

I wonder if we'll see him in these colours as an adult one day?

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  1. Haha - cute! Hubby has our boy ear-marked as a future AB, he even tried saying rugby today for the first time... shoulda seen his Dad ;-)!


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