10 October 2013


Can we all just pause for a moment and say together, "Slow down, Gryffen!" 7 weeks old and he is growing quickly. Why do babies do that? Don't they know we enjoy them little so much?

Now, let's take another moment to appreciate this photo:

Four children, four onesies. (I totally had to Google how to spell 'onesies.')

Had to get a photo before the kids all grow out of them. Thankfully, Gryffen will get to keep wearing them for a long long time. Nothing cuter than a baby in a stretch-n-grow. (Anyone else call them that growing up?)

And finally, behold the evolution of photo-faces when I try to get a photo of all four together.

Actually, I have a lot of these types of photos from over the years. I might have to start a collection...


  1. Your family is sooooo adorable Jess! You make good babies!! Just keep having them, okay??!!

  2. Gorgeous children :) Yes, I can testify, too, that these little ones grow waay too quickly! Love the onesies!

  3. Mmm, they're cute! People (adult people) wear onesies in public where I live. It's. . . interesting. . . Animal prints and rhinestones are popular!

  4. Aw, Stella's link had me hoppin'! LOVE these photos! And all of their hair!

  5. Those kids are ADORABLE!! Now, looking at them makes me want to have a big family. They are all so cute wearing their onesies and It is so nice that you have taken pictures of them so happy playing with each other. Capturing wonderful moments with your kids is just so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this post, Jess. -www.whippersnapsbaby.com


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