02 October 2013

Saying Goodbye to My Midwife

I have long maintained the thought that there is a very special and particular bond between a woman and her midwife. Birthing my babies has been the most powerful and emotional four things I have ever done - and probably will ever do.

Not every woman feels this bond, I think. For me, it is very strong. I have been blessed to have the same midwife for all four of my pregnancies. Sue has been really, really great. Since we moved back to Hamilton from Morrinsville at the end of my pregnancy with Rosie, she has driven over to my house for every appointment and hung out amidst my washing piles and crazy toddlers.

This morning we said goodbye to her for the very last time. I had to swallow back the lump in my throat as I went to get the camera to record the memory of her with my four babies.

I'm going to stop writing, or I'll start crying now!


  1. So lovely! and totally get it! I had the same midwife for my 3 and have a similar parting photo on the last visit. Very special x

  2. So special you have this relationship, its a beautiful one huh!! xxx

  3. Oh I hear you!! Such a heart wrenching feeling! You had one of the best midwives around too. I had her for my third baby (my first homebirth and after a C-section too) She played a pivotal part in me accomplishing my dream birth! Thank you for sharing and letting me know that I aren't the only one that feels so strongly about my midwives!! Xx

  4. oh bless, I totally didn't have that - the midwife I had for No.1 I'd met maybe once and a different person visited us a couple of times afterwards but no continuation of care. Midwife No.2 missed the birth but was very thorough afterwards.... glad it's been so special for you xx

  5. Beautiful photo. Yes I have that bond with my wonderful midwife, who is now a close friend.. ANd that 6 week milestone is a big moment!!!


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