12 November 2013

I'm Tired Today

I really want to fold my washing pile mountain - it's so messy! - but I also really don't. Like the title says, I'm tired today, so the Don't Want is winning over the Do Want. Only just.

My little sweetie is sleeping well, so it's not his fault. Saturday night he slept from 8pm and refused to wake up for a 10:30pm dream feed (which, of course, I'd waited up for - wasting my sleep time!) then kept right on sleeping until 6:30am!! Wasn't expecting that! But then you can be sure I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep.

Beautiful, precious onesie by the ever lovely Miriam.

We had one of those lovely-busy weekends: birthday parties with wonderful friends and fabulous family. Meaning we all start our week happy, but tired. Which, in small people, quickly translates to less happy, more grumpy. I have a feeling I shall be enforcing naps this afternoon. I'll start preparing for Rosie's screaming fit now...

***Regarding changing the kids names, I've decided not to. I know, just make a decision Jess! I've removed our surname as much as possible and that makes them much harder to find. There are a few posts that come up on Google no matter how much I change, so it's a bit too late.***


  1. sabbath rest is just as important (or more so) as folded washing. Don't let the guilts still the bliss - sit and be peaceful xxx he is so adorable in that onesie!

  2. Oh REST LADY! That Mt. Washmore might just wait another day, ours has been sitting for two, we're just collecting our clothes from it to wear them :)

    Oh, and don't fret, google will eventually forget those posts :)

  3. Rest!! and it was so lovely to meet your littlest one last week - he is super cute!!!

  4. Rest rest rest - your body is begging you to :) What a gorgeous wee bubba in that onesie! And although tired, it sounds like it was a very happy weekend. good luck for restful week!


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