11 November 2013

New Togs

With the arrival of school swimming lessons for Elliot last week, I put out a call to other mothers-of-boys, wondering what y'all had them wear in the water. We had a rash shirt for him, but I wasn't sure what he should be wearing on the bottom half, especially now that he's not a toddler anymore. Boardies? Tog undies? Both?

In the end, we went to The Warehouse and found some great little boyleg shorts to go with his rash shirt. He chose to wear them without boardies, and I think he looks pretty cute!

We also chose some togs for Rosie and Tristan as they both needed new ones too. Rosie was so excited! They tried them on and were so happy they even agreed to stand still(ish) for some photos.

Also, how cute is a baby with short sleeves?! Loving this warmer weather. (Even if it's only warm enough for him for part of the day.)


  1. OMG - look at those eyes... what a cute wee fellow you have :-)!

  2. Ohhh! I love that last photo of the two of you - one for the wall surely :)


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