05 December 2013

Renovations reveal: Rosie's room

Finally I can show you some of our finished renovations! Rosie's room is my favourite part. If you remember back in this post about our renovation plans, I explained how we planned to rearrange things to make space for an extra room. At first it was going to be for Baby Four (since revealed to be Gryffen!), but along they way we changed our minds and decided to make a special space for Rosie-girl.

We took extra space from the laundry, hot water cupboard and shower and turned it into a small but lovely bedroom.

Please excuse my sub-par photos...
Before and During:

L: The shower room R: The old laundry, pre-demolition. I've marked where to new wall for Rosie's room will go, see?

L: Walls come down! R: Looking through to the laundry. I've marked the framing for the new wall.

Hayden painstakingly scraped up all the old vinyl off the floor.

Shower in your room, Rosie?


L: Dry-walled and plastered ready for painting... R: Painted and curtained!

L: Pink wall! R: Small-ish in size...

For interest's sake, a comparison of before and after:

A brand new GIRL room! Pretty exciting.

L: These pictures hung in my room when I was little. R: Rosie's 'baby animals' and some of my old special nik-naks on the shelf my Opa made for me one Christmas when I was young.

It's pretty exciting to be nearly finished. I will be very glad to have it all done and dusted! Next up on the blog will be the bathroom reveal!


  1. ooooo what a great transformation! and how lovely for her to have her very own special room :) looks great!

  2. It looks beautiful Jess!! So perfect for sweet little Rosie!


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