31 December 2013

See ya, 2013!

2013 was a bit of a crazy year for our family. I am happy to chalk it all up to experience, but I'm also happy to have a fresh start that the beginning of a new year seems to bring.

The most notable things to happen were Hayden's bike accident and subsequent head injury, the arrival of precious Gryffen, and the beginning of contact with my wonderful birth mother, B. (Stay tuned for another update soon, by the way.)

Beach babe - sister's towel for a mattress, brother's towel for a swaddle, under the shade of the big monkey-tail tree.

We enjoyed our holiday to Papamoa before Christmas (as above), particularly as we got to welcome my sister home for a visit from the UK, where she's been for 3 years now! We're looking forward to a few more foray's into summer holidaying. It's so great having a husband who's a school teacher that gets 7 weeks of summer holidays too!

So, my friends and loyal readers, see you on the other side! Happy New year to you and yours, love from me and mine.


  1. Happy New Year to you all too Jess x

  2. Happy New Year Jess! Love to see those photos of Pilot Bay, so many childhood memories there!

  3. they are delicious - I LOVED meeting you this year beautiful woman x


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