03 February 2014

Crazy Cat Lady?

So, perhaps I'm turning into a crazy cat lady...

'My' Mama cat and her six little babies are still visiting Hotel de Deck (ie: sleeping on our deck at night. Though, with no food offered, it's not much of a hotel!) and the kids & I love looking out for them every morning to check if they've had a good warm sleep. I've just been online to try and figure out how old they are: I reckon 4-6 weeks.

They are the cutest little strays I ever did see!

I've been on the phone to the SPCA about what to do about them. I'm not feeding them and I figure they'll be able to fend for themselves - however, then will we have seven cats running around, with the possibility of LOTS MORE kittens next season? But the crazy-cat-lady in me can't bear the thought of trapping the little kitties, stressing their Mama out and breaking her little cat heart by separating them up and re-homing them! I'll wait for the cattery lady to call me back and see what the plan might be.

Until then, I'll keep sneakily leaving water out for them. Surely Hayden won't notice if there just happens to be a container outside that gets filled when I water the garden...? What a co-incidence... * wink wink *


  1. Oh my gosh how good are you at resisting cuddles! I hope the SPCA can help out!

  2. aw! i am such a cat lady too! they are adorable.


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