14 February 2014

Dear Sweetpea

Because I am a sappy, sentimental human, I cannot leave your passing unremarked.

Though I don't think you ever had an owner or a name, I called you Sweetpea. You would calm down and listen when I spoke it to you through the bars of the cage I needed to use to keep you safe.

For nearly 2 weeks I watched you take care of your six babies. You curled up with them at night, letting them suckle to fill their tummies. You went hunting for them; riffling through rubbish bags and bringing back stinky fish heads. You cleaned and groomed them.

I guess you were technically a 'pest', being a stray. I will miss you. I'm glad we made a tiny connection, even if it was as I took your babies from you, thinking to give them a better life. Rest well, Sweetpea, they have been loved and cared for in the way that was best for them.

You were a good Mama and your babies were beautiful.



  1. Oh so sweet - and a bit heartbreaking too x

  2. Yes, heartbreaking. Perhaps mothers of all kinds understand each other.


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