15 April 2014

One Year Ago...

Today marks the day that, one year ago, Hayden came off his bike on the road on the way to school, ending up with a serious concussion and a smashed up face.

What a year we had. It was certainly a tough one - though there was the highlight of gorgeous Gryffen's arrival into our family. I am thankful that amid the hard slog of dragging my family through a concussion recovery and newborn arrival, I can testify to God's grace as He carried us through. I learned a lot last year and am really thankful for the lessons I learned as we muddled through.

Utmost is a sense of gratitude for my little family. How close we came to being fatherless! You just never know what's around the corner do you? Family time is very precious.

I have learned to be uber-productive. For quite a few months I was it: Chief Job-Doer. Everything that needed to be done needed to be done by me. Throw a few kids in the mix and I became excellent at getting ALL THE THINGS done in small snippets of time. I'm sure I do more with my time now than I ever did when I only had one or two children!

As I read back over all my blog posts from the time of Hayden's accident, I am reminded of how much I was blessed by being able to keep a positive attitude. It was a hard time, but I was able to see God's hand in the ways we were looked after and taken care of by Him and by the hands of those around us. We were given meals and treats, the kids were looked after, Elliot was taken to and from school, the ACC we really helpful, and school (Hayden's work) were incredibly supportive of both Hayden and me. I learned that our people, our community, are one of the biggest blessings in our lives. I had thought I already knew that, but to see everyone in action was both humbling and incredible.

One year later, we only have small reminders of Hayden's concussion: a positively disgusting scar on his chin (thankfully hidden mostly by his beard), a small one above his eye, a couple on his hands and arms, a few moments of forgetfulness, an occasional tendency to get overwhelmed in busy situations. We don't know if those last ones will be with Hayden forever, or if they will fade away over the next year or two.

Overall, it's very good to have last year behind us. I'm glad to have had it and for the lessons we learned, but I'll take a simple year now please! And yes, Hayden does still ride his bike - and I do tell him more often to be careful.


  1. yes here's to a year of peace and dwelling for your lovely family. I'm sure you achieve so much more than me with my 2 who are both at school.... you are awesome!! xxx

  2. It's always amazing what we're capable of when we're pushed into it! well done you for surviving and hoping you all get a year of calm and rest xx


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