04 June 2014

These Two

A sister and her little brother. A brother and his big sister. These two have a very sweet bond.

I hope I never forget the way she would hold her newborn brother and just sit so quietly and so still. The way she watches for him and gets down on the floor to play with him. I hope I never forget the way his face lights up when he catches sight of her. The way he reaches out for her hand in the car.

I hope they never do either.


  1. Oh so precious - Big sisters are awesome. I'm a big sister to a little brother and the bond with him and the level of protection I feel over him has not deminished (despite life, distance, issues and what not). Lovely treasured moments that I'm sure will stay a long long time xx

  2. Lovely photos, Jess!

  3. They are gorgeous with such a beautiful bond xxx


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