25 July 2014

So Soon!

Bit of a change, huh?

Can you believe it? In only TWO WEEKS (!!!) my birth-mother B and I will be re-united after 28 years!

It's strange to think that I've already met her - only a newborn baby's memory is not so strong!

Over the years I had hoped that when I met her I'd be thin and beautiful and she'd be so proud of this beautiful girl. I'm glad I don't hold this so strongly anymore - though I do wish I was slightly less un-thin! (Nothing I can do about that in only 2 weeks!) I guess with something as momentous as this, I can't help but be a little self-conscious.

At least I'll have a tidy house, B! Two weeks is long enough to do THAT. ;)

If you ask me how I'm feeling you'll probably get a puzzled look in response, as I'm feeling a lot of things! Mostly excited. Very excited! Quite a bit emotional.

Twenty eight years is long time.


  1. Ooh, exciting, but slightly scary I suspect too. You'll have a lot to catch up on and I hope it goes according to your best hopes.

  2. Jess I am sure she is feeling those same things - 28 years without you. How can she not feel so proud of the beautiful, capable, kind, faithful, sound woman you have grown into. You are something to be incredibly proud of. xxx hope it is even more than you hoped it would be xx

  3. So glad it went well xxx can't wait to hear more #surreal

  4. Praying for you in this momentous occasion. Love you Jess!!! What a precious person you are! xxxx


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