21 August 2014

The Baby Is One

Today we say happy birthday to our dear little darling Gryffen. One whole year old. Oh, how it has flown!

Gryffen is the sweetest little boy, full of snuggles and shy smiles. He is also very precocious; doing everything at an earlier stage than any of his siblings. He rolled at two months, crawled at five, got his first teeth at six, stood at nine and now at twelve months he has perfected the art of climbing out of his highchair - buckled and all! It won't be too long before he begins to walk, then runs off and gets into mischief with his cheeky little-big-brother Tristan.

Gryffen is an absolute delight, and I have enjoyed every minute of this first year with him. What a treasure he is. I love to see the bigger kids with him; their bonds are really something special.

So happiest of birthdays to my sweet, bright-eyed little boy. You are a joy to me.