07 May 2016

Our House | One Year

Something we've done since I blogged regularly (two years ago... oops) is move to a different house. Just a couple of weeks ago marked us living here for a whole year, so I took a photo out the front:

A bit of a backstory: Rosie has developed asthma over the last couple of years, with a couple of hospital stays and one ambulance call-out. It's been especially bad since moving to this house. We recently clicked that it's got to be something in the environment here. We had a ventilation system installed when we moved in, so it's not damp, it's not food-related, or cat-related (we don't have one) - though the carpet here is/was super old, musty, and dusty. So we made the decision to replace the carpet to see if it made a difference to Rosie's health. (Spoiler alert: it has.) The hallway and bedrooms downstairs is off to one side of the entryway, with the lounge off to the other side. Because we're planning to extend the lounge one day, we didn't want to get new carpet there just yet (and having old stuff there means we don't have to be too precious with small children about!), so we decided to just do to the
left of the entryway and leave the lounge until later.

The carpet company came back to us and said they'd be installing it on the last Friday of the holidays, so we decided to get busy and do a bit of work on the bedrooms. As soon as Hayden ripped up the old carpet, three things happened: 1) the smell in the bedrooms was gone (hooray!); 2) the house was covered in yucky dust; 3) though Rosie's asthma preventer inhaler accidentally got put in the garage for a few days - she DIDN'T have a flare-up! In the past, if she went for two or more days without taking her orange inhaler, she'd be struggling. Let's hear it for instant recognition of a good decision!

While there was no carpet in the bedrooms, I needed to re-paint the skirtings (that had been badly and unevenly done by someone previous), and I decided to do some walls to. We had a bright pink wall that was in the boys room, and a small room painted dark blue that needed to become Annabelle's room.


I really enjoy painting - it's so satisfying to see your progress (unlike washing or cleaning, which needs to be done again the next day...) and it's wonderful to have a fresh new finish when you're done!


A nice bright orange for the boys, and a lovely soft pink for Annabelle. I'm so pleased!

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  1. Well done you and thrilled to hear it has dealt with the asthma too! WIN!


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