Birth Stories

The five best days of my life, bar none, are the days my five children were born.

I am so blessed to have had four lovely, peaceful, drug-free home births, and one wonderful experience at River Ridge birth centre. Four of my babies were born into the water, with the fifth (that was Gryffen) coming too quickly for the pool to be ready, and they were all born wide eyed and alert, ready to bond instantly with me and their Papa. I am so immensely thankful for this.

Here are the stories of the nights my babes made their journeys Earth-side.

The birth of Elliot Mark
13 June 2008

The birth of Rose Eleonore
2 January 2010

The birth of Tristan Charles
29 August 2011

The birth of Gryffen Gerry
21 August 2013

The birth of Annabelle Sarah Louise
1 July 2015

Natural birth is something I have found myself to be quite passionate about. In my first pregnancy, I read a lot. A LOT. I wanted to know exactly what everything meant, how it affected me, how it affected my baby, what the effects would be on both of us, how to give my baby the best start I possibly could.

I soon realised that hospital was not the place I wanted to be. I knew birthing was going to be hard work, and I knew my own powers of sticking-it-out-when-the-going-gets-tough were small, so I didn't want to be tempted - or bullied - into interventions that I didn't want and that were not optimal for my baby either.

This information, plus conversations between me, my husband, a brother and sister-in-law and my midwife, helped me to see the wonderful benefits of home birth, and so that is what we chose for our baby.

We stuck to our decision because we knew it was the right one for us and our child (each time), even though we received a lot of negative comments from friends and family. Unfortunately, I had many sleepless nights after what I would like to think were un-thinkingly harsh words from someone I loved. We knew we had chosen right and we felt safe and comfortable. We waited patiently, often with smiles pasted on while we let someone tell us how irresponsible were being and that our baby was going to die because we wouldn't be at a hospital.

But you know what? Home birth? Best decision we ever made.

I think I would give birth many, many more times just to experience the magic of the moment a baby is born. That last immense effort and all of a sudden here it is, your precious one, your babe, in your arms. I really do think it's just a little bit magic. God's magic. A fresh human life is a miracle, after all.

Reading birth stories, whether they be like mine or completely different, is something that keeps me passionate about that moment, and I would s
o love to spend my life in that moment, if I could! It is a hope of mine that someday I will be able to be a support to birthing women, whether that be as a childbirth educator, or a birth support person, or even a midwife one day when my kids are grown. I just think childbirth is incredible.


  1. Tearing up. We are the lucky ones, Jess!

    1. Aren't we?! I am immensely thankful for the beauty of our births, something I hope I never take for granted.


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